SSEK celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2013 by planting mangroves in North Jakarta, presenting a fishing community with free essentials and organizing a legal seminar for community members interested in starting small businesses.

The lawyers and other employees of SSEK waded into the waters at Taman Wisata Alam Angke Kapuk, a nature conservation area in North Jakarta, and planted 260 mangrove trees. Mangrove forests support a wealth of life and help control flooding, and SSEK was pleased to get involved in mangrove preservation and restoration efforts.

SSEK also visited the Muara Angke fishing community in North Jakarta and handed out 1,800 packages containing rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, condensed milk, and sugar. Our lawyers also led a free seminar where we explained to community members the process for setting up a small business and answered their questions.

Planting mangroves and helping the residents of Muara Angke are part of SSEK's commitment to Indonesia and strong and healthy communities.