The work we do for clients in the different practice areas is rich and varied, touching all points in often highly complex undertakings. Our ability to see through the complexity and to arrive at business oriented solutions is the basis for SSEK's long record of achievement.


  • Our Experience

    Our utmost respect for the confidentiality of our clients and their business precludes us giving detailed accounts of the work we do, but the following will provide an outline of what SSEK undertakes on a regular basis.

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  • Our Clients

    SSEK represents a diverse range of clients, including many multinational and Fortune 500 companies, leading Indonesian corporations, financial institutions, multi-lateral organizations and non-government organizations across all sectors of the Indonesian economy.   Following is a ...

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  • Case Studies

    Following are several case studies which provide a more detailed outline of the manner in which SSEK successfully met its client's needs.

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